Viking WP - Practice Tonight, State Tournament Info!!!

    Greetings Vikings! It is hard to believe that we only have one more weekend of games before the State Tournament!!! (More details on that below)  Practice tonight 8:15 - 9:45PM at Dynamo!!!  Let's do our best to finish strong.   

    State Tournament Info

    • The GHSWPA State Tournament takes place over two weekends.  
      • September 30th - October 1st is Intermediate & Developmental (Vikings B) at Cherokee AC
      • October 8th - 9th is Men & Women Finals (Vikings A, Lady Vikings at Cumming AC
      • I will also add these to the calendar today.  
    • Official Tournament Bracket Spreadsheet
      • After the end of the regular season games this weekend we should know more about team placement and when games will be.  But, with any tournament it all depends on how well we do as to how many games we will play.  
      • Please be sure to RSVP to let coaches know if you cannot be at all games.  This is the final tournament and we NEED and expect all players to be available!  This is what we train for. 
    • Parents, we are working to organize some team snacks for the tournament so a team parent may be reaching out directly to make plans.  

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