Viking Water Polo - Practice 7:30, Parent Meeting 7:45

    Greetings Vikings! Practice tonight 7:30 - 9:00PM at Dynamo!!! and we will also have a Parent Meeting during practice starting around 7:45. We plan to meet in the inside pool area.  The hurricane doesn't look like it will impact us much in the metro area but I will keep on eye on the weather throughout the day just in case.  

    • NO GAMES THIS WEEKEND. Enjoy the Labor Day weekend!
    • Parent Meeting tonight at 7:45 at Dynamo. We plan to discuss having a Viking Water Polo fund raiser and also discuss year round water polo opportunities. As always happy to answer any and all questions about Water Polo!
    • REMINDER starting Sept 6th - Oct 4th practice time moves later to 8:15 - 9:45PM!!!
    • Social Media!!! Yes, we are beginning to focus on using social media to highlight our teams and players this season. This can be a great tool for us to recruit new players and generally make more people aware of the club. Here are some link to follow and subscribe!
    • Some of you may have seen me recording some games this weekend. I am working to do a better job of providing recordings of games I can get to. I am also testing the ability to live stream. I am still in the testing phase but to be able to live stream on YouTube we need 50+ subscribers to our YouTube channel. Please subscribe so we can live stream future games!!! YouTube - @vikingwp_ga

    See you all tonight!

    Coaches and Parent Board

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