Viking Water Polo - Practice TONIGHT 7:30-9PM (Note Time Change!)

    Greetings Vikings! Starting tonight Practice will be 7:30 - 9:00PM at Dynamo!!!   Please be in the water by 7:30 to maximize practice time. Here are a few reminders:

    • The Coaches are very proud of all the hard work this weekend and are very happy with the determination of some of the new players.  Well done!  
    • Starting this weekend we are going to implement the sign-up feature for each game.  We had a few players that were not able to come to the games and we NEED TO KNOW THAT IN ADVANCE.  If we don't have enough players we have to forfeit.  If we know that in advance we have a chance to reschedule.  All players are expected to come to games unless they tell their coaches in advance.  Even if a player is not comfortable playing in a game they can still learn a lot by watching and learning.
    • If you would like to order a Viking Water Polo suit for this season you can do so by using this link: https://lakesidevikings.itemorder.com/shop/sale/ Deadline is August 19th. The custom suits do take time so if you need an official Water Polo suit for games you can also check out www.swimoutlet.com or even some local Dick's may have some options.
    • If you plan to play this weekend we must have your registration for fall 2023 completed! Please us this link to begin the registration process: https://vikingwaterpolo.teamtopia.com/register
    • If you know any athlete or parent that is not receiving emails please forward this email to them and remind them that when they register that will automatically be added to our email notifications.
    • Parents, if you have any questions all, please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly William Higgins - 678-818-9622 - [email protected] or talk to the coaches before or after practice.  

    The Viking Coaches and Parent Board

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